What is the right wax for your salon?

Lycon wax at Vogue Beauty

We want to help you to decide which is the right wax for you and for your salon. So, here is article 1, describing the benefits of using the Lycon Precision Wax line.


Lycon is the first of three wax lines Vogue Beauty accepted for distribution.


Why Lycon?

Lydia Jordane, otherwise known as the ‘Waxing Queen’, is the founder and CEO of LYCON COSMETICS. As a beauty therapist herself for more than 35 years, Lydia has firsthand experience with waxing techniques and knows what kind of results should be achieved with every application.


How Lycon began

It all started in 1978, when she developed the LYCON range of specialty products that achieve a superior result, while still being economical. Lycon first introduced the original and gentle Apricot Wax.


In the years that followed, various other aromatherapy waxes were introduced, including the famous Rosette Hot wax. Additionally, LYCOflex, LYCOtec and the unique Lycon Lycojet waxes were developed.


The secret to a great waxing application

Many salons use strip wax for everything. According to Lydia, one type of wax isn’t necessarily the right wax for all clients, or suitable for every part of the body and face with different types of skin.  For professional results every time, LYCON recommends strip wax for large areas, such as legs, arms, chests and backs.


Hot wax is the right wax for the more sensitive and delicate areas, such as the bikini area, Brazilian waxing, the face and underarms. (Read more on application tips and tricks here.)


LYCON customizes the wax choice by the treatment area and the skin type, so your clients will have the absolute best results and a very comfortable waxing experience.


LYCON wax removes hair efficiently – clients are surprised that less hair grows back, and growth is slower.


How the right wax will help grow your salon business

You might think that slower grow back would result in fewer clients, But consider this: you will be able to fit more clients into your schedule. Increasing clients means…making more money.


The end result of using Lycon waxes is not just a smooth finish, but growing a business for therapists!


No wonder LYCON wax is used and loved in over 45 countries with a celebrity following. Salons who try LYCON will never want to change  to another wax… and clients keep on coming back!


Your waxing business will boom with LYCON! See the entire product range here on Vogue Beauty!


Vogue Beauty has added several Lycon products to our online catalog. They include: Azulene strip wax, which has the added benefit of chamomile and Lycotec Superberry strip wax with a luscious berry scent!


For a great clean-up and send off, we now carry Lycon Wax Solvent and Lycon Soothing Creme for a luxurious finish!


And did you know Vogue Beauty also carries many of the waxing accessories you need?


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