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Harley Waxes are more than just wax- each of the waxes provide superior treatments that leave your client’s skin nourished and silky smooth. These waxes are advanced hair removal treatments and are virtually pain free and causes no skin irritation.

Each wax shrink-wraps itself to the hair and not the skin

Causes less irritation and little or no redness

and is ideal for sensitive skin!

Beauty therapists and salon and spa owners alike enjoy our superior waxes, which leave no sticky residue, and have a low melting temperature. Use with our specialty products such as Cleanser, Pre-Waxing & After Care oils for maximum results. None of our Harley Wax products are tested on animals. All Harley Wax products are manufactured to very high standards in the UK. Harley Waxing products include excellent choices in hard and strip waxes-Here are just a few highlights:

Harley Lavender Hard Wax

Made for the most demanding professionals- Harley Lavender Hard Wax

is a Micromica lipo-soluble depilatory wax product that not only gives it a pearlized appearance which makes for a great looking wax, but it also allows the product to be removed delicately and softly.

The finest ingredients that balance refined resins and graded Micromica, which allows the product to be removed delicately and softly.

The low-melt temperature guarantees client comfort and total satisfaction.

Used correctly, Harley Lavender Hard Wax removes hairs as short as 1mm on the most stubborn and sensitive areas.

Harley Rose Hard Wax

A delicate creamy depilatory wax with a rich country garden aroma.

Grips only the hair, not the skin.

Harley Rose Hard Wax

is a Titanium Dioxide depilatory wax. Titanium Dioxide waxes are a new generation of professional waxes that satisfy even the most demanding application requirements. There is a particular softness to the wax and it is smooth to apply, suitable for use on very sensitive areas/

  • This wax reduces adhesion and subsequently ensures a soft and gentle pull-off strip removal. We recommend Harley Rose Hard Wax and Strip Wax for all those cases where the skin is dehydrated, dry and particularly sensitive skin.

    Harley Summer Fruits Hard Wax

    A Micromica pearlized, liposoluble wax that is extremely delicate. Used correctly, Harley’s Summer Fruits Hard Wax will remove hairs as short as 1mm on the most stubborn and sensitive areas.

    The finest ingredients and essential oils combined with the low-melt temperature guarantee client comfort and total satisfaction.

  • Strip waxes

    Harley’s famous and super gentle strip waxes are a refreshing surprise! You will notice right away the extra strong grip, with no skin drag and no sticky residue!

    Use Harley strip waxes on larger areas such as leg, back, chest arms.

  • Harley’s Gold Strip Wax is ideal for men’s hair.
  • Harley strip wax will comfortably remove hair as short as 1mm

    Use our Rose Wax for sensitive skin

    Can be reapplied to the same area 2-3 times

    Used on legs and arms for a faster waxing compared to hard waxing

    Use our Cleanser, Pre-Waxing & After Care oils for maximum results

    Vogue Beauty is proud to be the national distributor for Harley Wax! With Vogue Beauty on your side, you can expect quick delivery times and excellent customer service.

  • Lycon Wax – Setting the Standard


    Lycon wax products at Vogue Beauty

    Lycon Waxing delivers superior performance by using only the finest resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils. While gentle to the client’s skin it is tough on the job, removing stubborn hair as short as 1mm!

    The entire LYCON Wax range has grown since it was first launched in 1978 – over 30 years ago. Vogue Beauty offers a wide selection of Lycon waxing products- choose from hard or strip wax and the unique Lycojet, LYCOtec and LYCOflex waxes.

    You will also find pre and post waxing lotions as well as products and accessories that you can keep on hand for your customers to purchase.

    Overview of Lycon waxes – strip wax

    LYCON is famous for their super gentle strip waxes, made from a special blend of the very best natural and organic raw materials. With use, you will experience a few pleasant surprises —

    • Speedy application,

    • No sticky residue, no skin drag and

    • Extra strong grip to remove hair as short as 2mm!

    • Special aromatherapy oils for soothing and conditioning the skin, leaves your client comfortable and satisfied with the results every time!

    The correct way to apply LYCON strip wax is very thinly, which means that less wax is used per treatment. There’s a staggering 5,000 lip or eyebrow waxes, or an amazing 36 half leg waxes in each 1L jar!

    Overview of Lycon waxes – hard wax

    LYCON’s ground-breaking, stripless hard wax, encompasses the finest selection of natural and soothing ingredients. This wax is perfect for short, stubborn hair on any part of the face and body. Designed to be used at an extra low temperature, Lycon hard wax will —

    • Nurture the skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and completely hair-free

    • Make re-application easy, since it can be re-applied 5 - 6 times on just waxed skin, without discomfort or irritation.

    • shrink-wrap and remove hair as short as 1mm!

    • LYCON hard wax is a perfect choice for Brazilian wax treatments!

    LYCON’s hard wax can be re-heated many times over, without affecting their superior grip, pliability or comfortable feel.

    Lycon is the professional’s choice in quality wax and an essential ingredient in leading salons around the world.

    Choosing the right Lycon wax

    There are three different LYCON waxing methods – using hard wax, LYCOJET waxing and strip waxing.

    • For large areas and if hair is long enough, we recommend any LYCON strip wax which can remove hair as short as 2mm.

    • If the hair is short and brittle, we recommend any LYCON hard wax or LYCOJET hard wax which can remove hair as short as 1mm.

    Bikini Lines & Underarms

    For sensitive areas, we recommend any of LYCON’s hard waxes, particularly the ‘XXX’ waxes, LYCOtec, and LYCOflex waxes for their gentleness and soothing properties.

    For men and those with stubborn hair growth, we recommend Manifico which is exceptionally strong yet without any skin drag. LYCOJET waxes in Desert Rose and Lavender, can be used on these areas also, should any stubborn hair remain after the initial waxing. LYCOJET eliminates the need to tweeze!

    Eyebrows, lips & face

    Any LYCON hard wax can be used on the facial area. LYCON’s creamy formulations with Titanium Dioxide offer extra soothing benefits on delicate areas such as the face, but have that famous grip for short hair removal.

    Areas such as the eyebrows and lips have a variety of different hair growth types. LYCOJET waxes are ideal to use on the short, fluffy facial hair, as well as the more difficult to remove hair in these areas.

    Backs, chests & necks

    LYCON hard wax is great for smaller areas like the neck and shoulders.  If client has super-sensitive skin, choose a strip wax instead, that contains skin protectors like Titanium Dioxide or Micro Mica. A favorite is Active Gold.

    NOTE: When the back or the chest is being waxed, clients often perspire as the wax is removed. This prevents strip wax from gripping the hair well. So we recommend that you switch to a hard wax. You may also re-apply Lycotane skin cleanser in-between the applications to remove the perspiration.

    Arms & legs

    Strip wax can also be used on small or large areas. But, for clients that have recently shaved, use LYCOJET hard waxes to remove the short, coarse re-growth from difficult areas such as the knees.

    Generally speaking, all Lycon waxes can be used on the face and body. The above suggestions are only a guideline and everyone chooses differently depending on the training they have had, the client’s hair growth type and personal preferences. Remember, for best results it is important to use the specified LYCON Pre and Post waxing products for all wax treatments.

    Should you need any further assistance or information, please contact us! We are always happy to assist!


    Lac It! Gel Polish FAQs

    *Vogue Beauty is NOT an official distributor of en Vogue products.



    Q. My Lac It! nails have been in the light for more than 5 minutes, but still feel wet or sticky. Why?

    A.- It only takes 2 minutes for Lac It! to fully cure if using a 9watt UV light. You must wipe each nail with Lac It! Finishing Wipe and apply pressure when wiping to completely remove the dispersion film.

    Q. What should I do if I get Lac It! Gel Polish on my skin?

    A.- Use an orangewood stick to remove any base coat, gel polish color or top gloss on the skin around the nail.

    Q. Why, after I wipe the finished nail, it is not shiny?

    Try these suggestions:

    1. Be careful not to apply too much pressure when brushing on the Lac It! Top Gloss.
    2. It may be time to replace your UV bulb.
    3. Make sure you place your fingers completely inside the UV light for a full 2 minutes

    Q. Can I fix the nail if this does happen?

    A. -Yes. Simply buff the Top Gloss off and clean the nails with Lac It! Nail Prep. Apply another coat of Top Gloss, this time use less pressure and let the brush glide across the nail. Then cure for another 2 minutes.

    Q. What can I do to prevent that from happening so it comes out shiny the first time?

    A. – Apply one thin layer of Top Gloss to have complete coverage from right to left side including over the end of the nail. Then go back over the surface again with a small bead of Top Gloss on the tip of the brush, enough to allow your brush to glide across the nail. Then cure for 2 minutes.

    Q. My Lac It! Gel Polish color has ripples in it, what’s wrong?

    A. – You may have applied it too thickly and not have allowed enough curing time under the UV light. For best result, apply in two thin layers.

    Q. Why does my color seem light and streaking?

    A. – It is best to shake Lac It! Gel Polish bottles to remix the colors after they have been sitting for long periods. The first coat should be applied thin and slightly sheer. After curing, the second coat should be applied with full coverage.

    Q. Can I use Lac It! Gel Polish on acrylic or gel nails?

    A. – Yes, you can use Lac It! over acrylic or gel nails. It is best if you slightly buff the shine off the artificial nail enhancement before the gel polish application.

    Q. Will I still need to use Base Coat if applying over acrylic or gel nails?

    A. – Yes, you will need to use Lac It! Base Coat over the acrylic or gel nails.

    Q. What can I do to prevent polish from chipping at the ends of my nail?

    A. – Do not cover the ends of your nail with excess amount of color. A very small amount should be used. This allows the product to stay as thin as possible. The ends of the nail must be covered entirely with Lac It! Top Gloss.

    Q. Can I apply more than one layer of Lac It! Gel Polish color?

    A. – For best result, it is recommended to apply 2 thin layers of color. The first coat should be applied thin and slightly sheer. After curing, the second coat should be applied with full coverage.

    Q. Why do I have problem with Lac It! Gel Polish peeling?

    1. Incorrect preparation. Oils may have been left on the surface of the nail. Make sure to buff oils off the nail using your nail prep stick and then wipe with Lac It! Nail Prep before starting your gel polish application.
    2. Applied the Base coat too thick. The Lac It! Base Coat must be applied very thin and even and cured for 2 minutes in a UV light.
    3. The ends of the nail should be covered entirely. Make sure to smooth out by brushing from cuticle area straight down to the end. Remove any excess gel polish build up during this step before placing into UV light.

    Q. Can the base coat and Gel Polish Colors be cured longer than 2 minutes under the UV light?

    A. – Yes, minimum curing time is 2 minutes for base coat and 2 minutes for gel polish.

    Mancine Organic Waxes

    Mancine Organic Waxes at Vouge Beauty

    Love your body with Mancine Organic Waxes


    It began in the mid 1980’s with the development of the Mancine Hair Removal System. Now their breakthrough Waxing Systems bring together your professional salon skills with the latest technology in wax removal. All Mancine products are salon tested to be perfectly safe and effective.

    Mancine believes in ORGANIC, natural products and environmentally friendly practices. The result is a unique waxing range that provides the most effective waxing procedures in the world.

    Mancine organic guarantee is that only the finest resins and natural ingredients are used.  Mancine delivers superior performance, removing stubborn hair as short as 1mm (1/16”). Formulated to be very elastic and pliable, Mancine Wax grips and shrink-wraps short hair for easy, effective and long lasting results. Our low temperature and gentle formulas provide nurturing and conditioning benefits for extra client comfort, leaving skin smooth and soft to the touch. Mancine offers a choice of hard wax, strip wax and Mancine’s unique Ultra waxes, complemented by pre and post waxing lotions, to make the waxing experience as pleasant as possible.

    Which waxing method should I use?

    Mancine takes the guesswork out for you! There are three different Mancine waxing methods: hard (hot) waxing, Ultra Flexx waxing and strip waxing.

    Mancine  hard (hot) waxes

    mancine waxes-champagne wax
    mancine champagne wax

    There are 6 different waxes in this category: Champagne, Honeycomb Wax; Pure Olive Oil; Brazilian Rose Wax; Wild Apricot; and Azurelene.

    Mancine hard waxes are exceptionally gentle and effective. They are renowned for their low melting point, high elasticity and pliability. They save time, are easy to apply and amazingly remove more hair with each application. They are designed to remove hair as short as 1mm, they are very pliable and painless for most.

    These waxes are applied at half the thickness of other hard waxes so you get more applications per container. Even your most discriminating customer will love our range of waxes.

    All Mancine Hard Waxes can be re-applied 2 to 3 times to remove stubborn difficult hair without causing irritation.

    Mancine Ultra Wax

    Mancine waxes-Ultraflexxx-Kiwi-and-Aloe-Hard-Wax
    Mancine Ultraflexxx-Kiwi-and-Aloe-Hard-Wax

    There are 6 varieties of Ultra waxes – Kiwi & Aloe, Brazilian Strawberry, Vanilla,  Pomegranate & Jojoba, Vanilla Shimmer and Apple & Papaya. They are similar to hard waxes except they are designed to be applied even thinner – 1/3 of the thickness – which makes them more economical. They will remove hair as short as 1mm and can be reapplied several times without trauma to the skin. Their unique plastic texture makes them ultra-flexible with a superior grip, less pain and great for all sensitive skin types.

    Mancine Strip Waxes

    This group consists of the following waxes: Wild Apricot & Camomile, Azulene, Pure Olive Oil, Brazilian Rose, Aloe Green and Honeycomb.

    Mancine waxes-Brazilian strip-wax
    Brazilian strip-wax

    The Mancine organic range of soft strip waxes has been developed to deliver outstanding results. These exclusive formulations depend on the use of only the most natural ingredients. They spread further than other waxes making applications very economical. Salon owners and therapists worldwide agree that Mancine strip waxes reduce your treatment time enabling more treatments per day and increased profit for your business!

    SO – Which wax should I choose?

    • legs & arms-We recommend any strip wax if hair is long enough. If hair is short and brittle, we recommend Honeycomb Strip Wax.

    • bikini & Brazilian-We recommend our Brazilian Rose Hard Wax or any of our Ultra Flexxx Waxes. These waxes are most gentle for sensitive areas and leave a cleaner and neater finish.

    • eyebrows, lips & faces-All hot waxes can be used but the Ultra Flexxx waxes are exceptional for these areas.

    • backs, chests & necks-Any Mancine Hard Wax or Ultra Flexxx Waxes.

      Strip waxes are more difficult on these areas because they are more painful and will not remove hair as well. When the back or the chest is being waxed, clients often perspire and this prevents the strip wax from gripping hair well. Mancine hard waxes are much easier, less painful and more efficient in these areas.


    For the best results it is important to use the specified Pre and Post Waxing products.

    Always use Hand and Body Gel Sanitizer before you wax. This disinfectant removes 99.9% of germs in less than 20 seconds. Leaves no sticky residue due to its ultra absorbing formula. Protects both the client and the therapist, and has a lovely citrus scent.mancine-pre-wax-oil-with-aloe-vera at Vogue Beauty


    Pre-wax Lotion is recommended for use prior to strip and hard waxing to remove all oils, perspiration and makeup. Prevents wax from becoming tacky, leaving less wax residue. Pleasant smelling with chamomile to calm the skin and prevent harmful bacteria entering the hair follicle. Fast drying and can also be used before electrolysis.

    Use Pre-Waxing Oil before Hard Waxing. Contains aloe-vera which acts as an anti-inflammatory to soothe the skin and it is scented with a lovely Jasmine aroma.

    mancine-ultimate-finish-oil-with-camomile at Vogue Beauty

    After treatment, finish with our Ultimate Finish– the ultimate way to complete your treatment.  Blended with almond oil, lavender oil and chamomile. An excellent combination that clears away any was residue left behind after waxing. Suitable for use on both face and body. Leaves your client feeling wonderfully relaxed and calm with silky smooth skin.