Putting Your Best Foot Forward – A Word About Pedicures And Other Fancy Footwork!

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Clients who come in for pedicures carry the stress of their everyday lives on their feet.

Sure, they come for a pedicure because want to have great looking feet and take a load off for a while. The ultimate goal for you though is to make their feet feel good, not just look prettier. How can you help relieve some of the tension carried in these hard working companions?

Value added services – foot massage

Have you added foot massage to all of your pedicure services? A great marketing strategy is to is to add foot massage as a freebie to all of your pedicure services for one week. Mention to your clients that they are receiving an enhanced service that is normally available with an upgraded pedicure. On their next visit, they can upgrade their service to include the massage.

Or better yet, add foot massage as an added service to every pedicure- and watch the repeat clients line up at your door! Enhancing your pedicure service with the ‘extras’ a client doesn’t even know they want, will keep them coming back for more.

10 Steps to the perfect foot massage

Become an expert in foot massage with these pointers. Make the cares of the day melt away in 10 steps:

Step 1. Grasp the leg just above the ankle and take the weight of the leg in your hands. Stroke the leg downwards towards the ankle.

Step 2. With your other hand, sweep the instep, from the heel to the ball of the foot, while balancing your hand with your thumb on top of the foot.

Step 3. Gently rotate the ankle for the client.

Step 4. While still supporting the foot with one hand, use your thumb and index finger to gently move each of the toe joints, focusing on the ball of the joint.

Step 5. Sweep each toe between your finger and thumb with a refreshing circular massage. End with a gently pinching motion for increasing blood flow.

Step 6. Back to the foot- supporting the foot with both hands, use thumbs on top of the foot to massage small circles from the base of the toes to the ankle. Repeat.

Step 7. Bottoms of the feet- remember that your client may have some sensitive zones and sore areas here. Use a firm touch, but don’t dig your thumbs into any area. Grasping the foot with your fingers on top, thumbs on bottom, stroke the foot upward from the heel to the toes. repeat 5 to 7 times.

Step 8. Now start at the toes, knead your thumbs slowly into the foot, down to the heel, using circular motions.

Step 9. Quickly repeat step 7, going back upwards towards the toes.

Massage tequniques for pedicures - Vogue Beauty Blog

Step 10. Finish the massage with a Pac-Man move- thumbs on bottom, fingers on top sweep the foot from the instep to the toes 5 times. End with a slight pinch on each of the toes to increase circulation.





Top products for your pedicure business, and the reasons to use them:

Use a natural pumice stone on dry skin over callused spots. Next, massage on a thick exfoliating scrub, to gently remove any remaining dead skin. Rinse with warm water. If you notice any areas that need more attention, carefully use a foot file on wet skin. Once the area has been trimmed, polish the skin in a circular motion with the buffer side of the file.


Give attention to the cuticles. Remember, a healthy cuticle is a buffer from bacteria and infection, so we want to do all we can to maintain cuticle health. The toes can accumulate a lot of dead skin around the cuticles. Massage in some cuticle oil to soften the skin and exfoliate the accumulations. Then use a cuticle pusher to gently push back the cuticles as needed.

Trim nails as needed, cutting in a straight line even with the top of the toe. Use a fine grit file to round the corners.

Wipe the nail as the first step in preparing to polish.

Always use a base coat like our Lac It Base Coat for strength and polish adhesion.

Seal with a top coat after applying polish.


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How To Grow Long Nails Fast

Vogue Beauty Blog - how to grow long nails


 How can you grow long nails that are strong and beautiful? This is a popular question. Many clients ask how they can get their nails to grow, and we have some practical tips for you to pass along when you are asked that question.

  • Stop biting! Biting nails can be a bad habit, or a sign of stress and anxiety. Sometimes nothing can be done about the stress, but how a person copes with it can be modified.

Recommend trying a replacement habit instead of nail biting, such as taking a drink of water every time a finger ends up in the mouth. This replacement exercise will encourage a good habit too!

Nail fungus can be wiped out with regular applications of Thymol. There are also effective home remedies, such as using a menthol vapor cream, soaking in apple cider vinegar and other treatments that have seen results.

  • Use a top coat as a strengthening agent while growing out long nails. There will be less chance of a tear, peeling or breakage if there is this extra layer of protection.

  • Give loving attention to cuticles. this part of the nail is vital in keeping out fungus and protecting the edges of the nails. Use an intensive moisture treatment like a few drops of olive oil, massaged into the cuticles, once a week

    Protect hands- When using any kind of cleaning product or if the hands will be in water for an extended period, be sure to wear gloves. When long nails are softened by water or chemicals, they are the most vulnerable to hairline fractures and tears.


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Manicure tips that will gain repeat clients

manicure tips

Admittedly, it can be difficult to compete against the corner nail salon with the $10 manicure. How can we encourage clients to give up that cheap mani and pay more for our services? The answer- provide exceptional services that pamper the client and you will gain their loyalty.

7 manicure tips that will set you apart from the average nail salon:

Offer ring cleaning along with the hand treatment. Soak the jewelry in the same bowl as the hand soak throughout the manicure. Allow the client to buff dry with a towel when the service is complete.

  • Add aromatherapy oils to the hand soak- refresh and revitalize with lavender, citrus or bergamot.

  • Use luxuriant cuticle oil and send your client home with a free sample (more on this below) so they can fall in love with it, and return to purchase more!

  • Make chit chat informative- Educate your clients as to why you perform certain procedures like buffing the nails to increase circulation, filing only the tips, etc. You can also suggest noteworthy tips like this one- According to Prevention magazine, taking Biotin helps prevent breakage and increases the thickness of the nail. (read more>)

  • Use only high quality, no odor products.

  • Always use a high quality top coat, not a thin watery (cheap) one. Top coat is the primary defense against chipping.

  • Use crystal files with superfine grit for a chip-free nail edge.


Promoting the return manicure

Why should the client come back? If you were in their shoes, what would it take to get you to return? Most of us need incentive, good value and convenience. So, reward your most faithful clients! Use a punch card that gives a free manicure for every 10 purchased, or pre-sell gift cards with the promotion built in. Gift cards are instant revenue for you, and assure repeat customers. Encourage the client to bring a friend with them next time!

When your client brings in a friend, give them an extra punch or a small thank you gift. Cuticle oil, hand lotions and essential oils are the perfect thank you!

Remember, if you give a sample of a product that you carry retail, you will increase your retail sales on the return.

How to make economical (and adorable) give-aways for the manicure client

Your investment is a full sized product that you retail and some cute sample bottles. Decorate with a simple ribbon tie and a business card.

  1. Make your 1-2 oz samples from the full sized product that you retail.

  2. Attach your business card instead of a label so the client can keep it on their fridge. Add the product name to the back of the card.

  3. When the client returns, they have the card as a reminder to buy their own full sized product!

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Lac It! Gel Polish FAQs

*Vogue Beauty is NOT an official distributor of en Vogue products.



Q. My Lac It! nails have been in the light for more than 5 minutes, but still feel wet or sticky. Why?

A.- It only takes 2 minutes for Lac It! to fully cure if using a 9watt UV light. You must wipe each nail with Lac It! Finishing Wipe and apply pressure when wiping to completely remove the dispersion film.

Q. What should I do if I get Lac It! Gel Polish on my skin?

A.- Use an orangewood stick to remove any base coat, gel polish color or top gloss on the skin around the nail.

Q. Why, after I wipe the finished nail, it is not shiny?

Try these suggestions:

  1. Be careful not to apply too much pressure when brushing on the Lac It! Top Gloss.
  2. It may be time to replace your UV bulb.
  3. Make sure you place your fingers completely inside the UV light for a full 2 minutes

Q. Can I fix the nail if this does happen?

A. -Yes. Simply buff the Top Gloss off and clean the nails with Lac It! Nail Prep. Apply another coat of Top Gloss, this time use less pressure and let the brush glide across the nail. Then cure for another 2 minutes.

Q. What can I do to prevent that from happening so it comes out shiny the first time?

A. – Apply one thin layer of Top Gloss to have complete coverage from right to left side including over the end of the nail. Then go back over the surface again with a small bead of Top Gloss on the tip of the brush, enough to allow your brush to glide across the nail. Then cure for 2 minutes.

Q. My Lac It! Gel Polish color has ripples in it, what’s wrong?

A. – You may have applied it too thickly and not have allowed enough curing time under the UV light. For best result, apply in two thin layers.

Q. Why does my color seem light and streaking?

A. – It is best to shake Lac It! Gel Polish bottles to remix the colors after they have been sitting for long periods. The first coat should be applied thin and slightly sheer. After curing, the second coat should be applied with full coverage.

Q. Can I use Lac It! Gel Polish on acrylic or gel nails?

A. – Yes, you can use Lac It! over acrylic or gel nails. It is best if you slightly buff the shine off the artificial nail enhancement before the gel polish application.

Q. Will I still need to use Base Coat if applying over acrylic or gel nails?

A. – Yes, you will need to use Lac It! Base Coat over the acrylic or gel nails.

Q. What can I do to prevent polish from chipping at the ends of my nail?

A. – Do not cover the ends of your nail with excess amount of color. A very small amount should be used. This allows the product to stay as thin as possible. The ends of the nail must be covered entirely with Lac It! Top Gloss.

Q. Can I apply more than one layer of Lac It! Gel Polish color?

A. – For best result, it is recommended to apply 2 thin layers of color. The first coat should be applied thin and slightly sheer. After curing, the second coat should be applied with full coverage.

Q. Why do I have problem with Lac It! Gel Polish peeling?

  1. Incorrect preparation. Oils may have been left on the surface of the nail. Make sure to buff oils off the nail using your nail prep stick and then wipe with Lac It! Nail Prep before starting your gel polish application.
  2. Applied the Base coat too thick. The Lac It! Base Coat must be applied very thin and even and cured for 2 minutes in a UV light.
  3. The ends of the nail should be covered entirely. Make sure to smooth out by brushing from cuticle area straight down to the end. Remove any excess gel polish build up during this step before placing into UV light.

Q. Can the base coat and Gel Polish Colors be cured longer than 2 minutes under the UV light?

A. – Yes, minimum curing time is 2 minutes for base coat and 2 minutes for gel polish.