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Everlash eyelashes are a popular way to create the look that your clients want! These lashes are synthetic. The short lashes are very popular for enhancing a natural look. Trim lashes are applied primarily to the inside corners of the eyes, but some clients prefer all trim lashes if their own are already very short.  Lashes look longer once applied  than they do in the box.

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Product Description

Spread lashes available in Trim (5mm), Short (7 mm), Medium (9mm), and Long (11mm)
Single lashes range from short demure to long stunning.
Flexiband lashes are of the highest quality, hand tied and inspected. For professional use.

Everlash Eyelashes are a popular way to create the look that your clients want! Adding short lashes is a very popular choice to enhance a natural look.
Colors :   Black,  Brown
Weight: 0.01 lbs
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Additional Information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 1 × 3 in

Short Black Singles, Black Trim, Long Black Spread, Trim Brown Spread, Med Black Spread, Trim Brown Singles, Short Brown Singles, Long Brown Spread, Med Brown Singles, Long Brown Singles, Med Brown Spread