PINKINI Brazilian Hybrid Hard Wax



Pinkini Brazilian Hard Wax is a combination of styles between LYCON’s legendary hard wax and LYCOtec modern film wax. This wax performs like hard wax by shrink-wrapping hairs as short as 1mm for removal. The extra pliability and ease of use is the trademark of LYCOtec film waxes.

PINKINI is a low temperature wax that is extra comfortable for clients, and creates a practically painless removal. Formulated with Argan Oil, Calendula and Chamomile to protect, soothe and hydrate delicate skin while waxing. It leaves skin feeling comfortable and soft, with longer lasting results. This wax undeniably offers the best of both worlds for the discerning beauty therapist and the client! Use with Pinkini Skin Cleanser, Pre-Wax Oil. Post Wax Formulas, Intimate Wash and Lightening Serum.