Mobile Manicures Growing In Popularity

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Mobile Manicures service – The concept is simple: provide an at-home or at-event service for manicures and pedicures.

Recently, we read  this article in Woman’s Day Magazine about mobile manicure services. Many of the questions were answered like how to get started, what are the start-up costs and how to overcome personal challenges.

We thought it would be good idea to also create a practical checklist of products and supplies you will need to perform mani/pedis outside of a salon environment. While this is not an exhaustive list, you can find most of the items you will need here on Vogue Beauty!

Workspace and tool considerations with mobile manicures

First off, you want to consider the environment you will be working in. How can you make it comfortable for both you and the client?Should you bring some small pillows or extra towel rolls for arm rests, or recommend that your client gather these items?

  • Your comfort is important too. Will you bring your own table  and stool?

  • You will want your own lamp so as not to worry about whether there is adequate light at the location, and locate yourself near a power outlet.

  • Your UV light or dryer size should be small enough to pack conveniently but adequate to cure or dry the entire hand.

  • Do you have an adequate supply of towels and various bowls or tubs?

  • How about electric hand mittens or foot booties for extra relaxation to the treatments?

  • You will want to use new files or separate implements on each client and then sanitize them once you get back at your home or salon. So, do you have enough on hand to get through the day?


  • What lotions will you use for hand and foot massage? You will want to try Mancine Professionals lotions, or the Tee-Tree hand and body lotion.

  • What polish removers will you use? We can recommend Amoresse nail and tip remover for soaking, and the line’s polish remover with a cinnamon fragrance.

  • If your service goes into private homes or office spaces, good ventilation and low odor or odorless acrylics or gels will be really important. Amoresse is known for it’s odorless monomers and powders.

  • The finishing touch- polish colors- You will want to have a selection of colors to choose from. Here is our selection of Lac it gel polish. We also have Gelish polishes on sale now!

    *Vogue Beauty is NOT an official distributor of en Vogue products.

Additional ideas to help

Here’s a great article from Nails Magazine that includes a great list and other suggestions for the perfect nail salon- many are also great business ideas that would apply for a mobile service.

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