How to make a beautiful body even more beautiful

beautiful body

A beautiful body- what does it take?

Many of your clients have set an agenda for personal improvement with a goal to reach even sooner than summer.  The ultimate goal for most people is to improve the way they look and how they feel about themselves.

Let’s face it- our self improvement goals really come down to feeling good about the skin you’re in! How can we help our clients have a good attitude and feel great about themselves? Let them know you think they are beautiful. Everyone has a beauty point-  remind them of theirs!

We can help them achieve a beautiful body with soft, radiant skin. It’s a 4 step process = prepare, remove, soften, enhance. Here’s more how-to:


For your regular waxing clients, suggest that they use an exfoliating scrub 2-3 days before their next waxing appointment. We recommend you keep Mancine hot salt scrubs on hand for your clients to purchase. The scrubs have wonderful scents and leave the skin refreshed.


Pre-wax preparations are essential for a great wax treatment. Harley, Mancine and Lycon all have tremendous pre-waxing cleansers, oils or lotions. For the best hair removal possible, make sure to use a pre-wax preparation to cleanse, sanitize and prepare the skin.


All of our waxes work hard to nourish the skin and reduce irritation. But you can improve mood and enhance well-being by using the right scented wax for your client.


Lycon has two popular waxes at this time of year- So Yummy Chocolate and So Berry Delicious! Available in strip or hard wax, you will find hair removal to be easy and efficient, and the client will be comfortable and re-energized.

Perhaps Mancine Wild Apricot or Apple & Papaya would be a nice reminder that spring is around the corner!

Or Harley wax has Lavender or Rose hard waxes, to give the relaxing reminders of a summer day in the country.


Completing the treatment with a post wax product finishes and conditions the skin. Harley After Care Oil is an example of a post wax preparation that works to reduce skin irritation, redness and the occurrence of ingrown hairs. Lycon has a soothing aloe vera gel or creme and also a tea-tree preparation. Mancine has Ultimate Finish, designed to clean up any wax residue and leave the skin silky soft.

The Send off- Enhance!

No doubt your clients will be recharged and feel great about their beautiful body when they are finished with their treatments. Make sure to send them home with products they can enjoy at home, like wonderful body butters and lotions.


A small token like a thank you card is a great way to make your clients feel ‘noteworthy’ and appreciated. Include a reminder of their next appointment and a loyalty discount on other services. Your clients are sure to return because  they feel great when they walk out the door! Who wouldn’t want another day of pampering like the one they just received from you!

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