How Do Lycon, Mancine and Harley Waxing Products Compare?

Vogue Beauty’s three waxing lines, Harley, Lycon and Mancine are all high quality professional products.  They are manufactured to higher standards than required in the USA. Each line guarantees that only the finest resins (synthetic) and natural ingredients (pine rosins and/or beeswax) are used. Here are some more details to help you choose between products:
Harley Waxing- The newcomer on the scene, Harley Waxing products are manufactured and produced in the UK, to UK standards, which are a higher benchmark than US product standards. Harley is a family owned and operated company with over 30 years of experience in the industry. The USA Headquarters are located just outside Charlotte, NC. Harley waxes are made with high quality pine tree resin, beeswax and essential oils.Vogue Beauty stands behind Harley as the most economical wax line sold. Offering free product samples, promotional product discounts and a replacement guarantee, Vogue Beauty would like you to try this waxing line RISK-FREE. Read more on Harley>

Lycon- Considered the ‘Gold Standard’ in waxing, most professionals have come to know and trust the high quality of these products. Created by Lydia Jordane, the entire LYCON Wax range has grown since it was first launched in 1978 – over 30 years ago. LYCON became a well-known and sought after brand in Australia followed by the rest of the world. Lycon waxes are formulated with natural resins, bees wax and aromatherapy compounds, The waxes have a unique spreadability, without compromising their pliability. Read the Lycon Story>

Mancine Cosmetics began as a small family business in Melbourne, Australia in 1965 with a quest for excellence in the beauty industry. Mancine’s motto is ‘Love Your Body’, and prides itself on producing products that nurture the skin and provide superior waxing treatments. Mancine helps the professional therapist guarantee their clients look good and feel great. All Mancine products are salon tested to be perfectly safe and effective. Mancine believe in organics, natural products and environment friendly practices.No Mancine Product is tested on animals. Read more on Mancine>

Now that we have compared the essential features of the 3 wax lines, which one will you choose?

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