Improving feet- foot care, step by step!

foot care for great looking feet

FEET- overlooked and overworked, sometimes they get a little rough around the edges. To get feet looking great, and then help keep them that way, recommend to your clients the proper foot care at home, in between their pedicure visits. Here is what to do to give feet a little appreciation for all they do!


First of all, recommend that your clients go buy new shoes- they will love the suggestion! There is more to it than just the satisfaction found in shoe-shopping. It is important to wear proper fitting shoes with good support. Shoes with poor support or that fit the foot poorly cause blisters, calluses, bunions and other foot woes.

Summertime vs. Wintertime foot treatment

Summertime brings sandals and even bare feet. For summer foot care, recommend a refreshing soak in Epsom salts and warm water. The added salts will reduce inflammation, soothe aches and pains and soften the skin.

Once the feet have soaked 10 minutes, pat dry and use an exfoliating scrub, loofah or pumice stone in a circular motion. Rinse and pat dry. Then apply a conditioning treatment. Mancine’s Tea Tree lotion is a perfect, lightweight moisturizer for feet. The lotion has a mild pH, and the added benefit of Tea Tree oil for preventing foot fungus. (Read more on treating this condition below.)

This treatment is best performed just before bed, when feet can soak up this pampering and get their well deserved rest.

Wintertime is a great time to work on the trouble spots on feet. Your clients who suffer from dry, cracked heels will find relief when they apply body butter directly to the affected heel, and then pop on a sock! The sock will help lock in the moisture all day.

You can recommend that, in the evening the client follow the daytime softening treatment with a 10 minute soak and an exfoliating scrub. If the heel is too tender, using a wet washcloth in a circular motion will also prove effective over time.

Nighttime foot care

Nighttime treatment is the best time to address any bacteria or fungus issues. Advise the client to apply a product with menthol (like Vicks or Mentholatum,) or tea tree oil or thymol. Again, if they can stand to sleep in socks, at least part of the night, it will help lock in the treatment.

While menthol products can be applied to the heel or nails, we recommend Amoresse Thymol to specifically treat nails. Thymol works to kill bacteria and microbes. Two drops in the evening to the affected nail, at the cuticle and under the nail if possible. Repeat in the morning, on a thoroughly dried foot. Continue use every day, until the nail has grown out. It is okay to polish the affected nail, but leave the cuticle area exposed so that the thymol treatment can penetrate.

With continued pedicures and these home treatments, your client’s feet will be in great shape!

Don’t forget to check out our Gelish and Lac It polishes for a pedicure with a professional finish. You will enjoy the wide variety of colors.

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Time for a Tip – Waxing techniques for professional results

Mancine Organic Waxing tips on Vogue Beauty Blog

Every few months, we will post a tip to help you save time, achieve better waxing results or learn something new. So, without further delay, here is today’s tip:

There are many types of hard waxes, but most can be grouped into two categories – natural or synthetic waxes.   Mancine is one of our favorite wax lines.  These synthetic,  high quality, hard waxes have virtually no uncomfortable pull on the skin.

You will notice there are a few differences – these modern waxes have a slightly different application process than other classic waxes.

 The waxing process – how to produce the best results:

  1. The wax needs to be hotter than most waxes. The setting on your warmer should be at 3.5. This setting won’t make the application too warm for the client’s skin to tolerate, but will allow the wax to be applied thinly. A thin application is essential for the best results.

  2. Stir the wax thoroughly before applying. If there is titanium dioxide in the hard wax you have chosen, it will settle to the bottom. Titanium is added to soothe the skin and acts as an anti-inflammatory. If not stirred well, the bottom of your pot will have a higher concentration and could lessen the grab of the hair when applied.

  3. Apply THINLY. Yep, we said it again. Apply thinner than you are used to with other hard waxes. The goal is to apply just enough to grab the hair, not the skin.

  • (A tip for pulling wax – using the end of your stick, push back the edge of wax so that it curls a bit, and then continue to pull back with your fingertips.)

Application technique

Before applying the wax, prepare your client’s skin with Pre-wax lotion and oil. Pre-wax lotion cleanses the skin, and a very small amount of pre-wax oil protects the skin before waxing.

Now you are ready to apply the wax.  Apply wax against the hair growth and then forward – in a ‘figure 8′ pattern. First, against the hair growth, and then with the hair growth – yes, you guessed it – in a very thin application.

After waxing, cleanse the skin of any wax residue and leave it feeling silky smooth with Ultimate Finish. In fact, you can add a bit of the Ultimate Finish to all other Mancine lotions (tea tree lotions, natural lotions or scented lotions from Mancine) for even better results.

(Pre and post products can also be used with strip waxes, like our Mancine Brazilian Rose or our Mancine Aloe Green Organic strip wax.)

With Mancine waxes,  applied according to these directions, you can expect to get 30% more applications per unit than with other waxes.

Indoor air – how clean is yours?

With winter months approaching, we will be spending more time indoors. Have you ever wondered how to reduce or even rid your home of indoor air pollution? What affects indoor air quality?

Granted, many of us have changed the cleaning chemicals we use, and many products for home improvements are ‘green’, reducing the VOC’s. But there are still many things that contribute to indoor air pollution, such as heaters, stoves and fireplaces, granite and marble, pressed wood products in cabinetry, flooring and furniture and carpeting. What else can be done to help dissipate these pollutants?

Good news: Houseplants reduce and even eliminate many of the pollutants found inside our homes. According to an article in Mother Earth News, here are the 15 best at reducing indoor air pollution:

  • Aloe
  • Spider Plant
  • Gerbera Daisy
  • Snake Plant also known as ‘Mother-in-law’s tounge’ (Haha!)
  • Golden Pothos (Devil’s Ivy)
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Dracaena (Warneck and Red-edged or Marginata)
  • Ficus Benjemina or Weeping Fig
  • Azelea
  • English Ivy (great if you live on a farm-filters airborne fecal matter particles!)
  • Chinese Evergreen
  • Bamboo Palm
  • Heart leafed Philodendron
  • Peace Lily (Tops on the list!)

Remember, some plants are poisonous, so if you have a cat, dog or child in the house, research your selection first to avoid an unpleasant call to poison control hotline! Here is a list of common houseplants that are considered SAFE by MNN!

Agrarian organics plant grow


Not everyone has a naturally ‘green thumb’, or intuitively knows how to care for their houseplants. So, as a follow-up to last weeks’ blog on indoor air quality and houseplants, we thought you might like to know some plant care tricks and tips.

New living quarters

When you first purchase your newest housemate, you should re-pot it into a bigger pot. The size of the pot should be one-third larger in every direction.

Room to breathe

Plants don’t like wet feet-use some rocks for drainage in the bottom of the new pot, then cover with a layer of newspaper, a coffee filter or some natural burlap to keep the dirt from filtering though the rocks and out of the drainage holes.

Cozy bedding, good light

Use good quality, indoor potting soil. Find a spot with adequate light for the type of houseplant. Or, create the light needed with a portable grow light.

A drink, not a bath

Water with room temperature water after repotting. Make the soil damp to the touch, and water should begin to drain out of the bottom. If the water puddles on top, you have overwatered; pour off the excess-this is to be a drink for your thirsty guest, not a bath!


Apply the same rules you have for any company-”a happy guest is a well-fed guest.” Use a liquid or water souluable fertilizer to boost the nutrients in the container.

For this purpose, there is a new product available on our website that is designed for boosting your plant health- AO PlantGrow. It is an organic plant spray designed to help revive, improve and increase the life-cycle of your plants.

AO PlantGrow combines minerals and natural vegetable sugars to create a liquid soil amendment that can be used in combination with other products and around your kids and pets. While we don’t know why you would, AO PlantGrow is safe enough to drink, and produces amazing results (in plants, not humans.)

Use according to the directions-Spray once weekly on plants, three times weekly on ailing plants for revival.

Buy or learn more here- Agrarian organics plant grow

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