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Not everyone has a naturally ‘green thumb’, or intuitively knows how to care for their houseplants. So, as a follow-up to last weeks’ blog on indoor air quality and houseplants, we thought you might like to know some plant care tricks and tips.

New living quarters

When you first purchase your newest housemate, you should re-pot it into a bigger pot. The size of the pot should be one-third larger in every direction.

Room to breathe

Plants don’t like wet feet-use some rocks for drainage in the bottom of the new pot, then cover with a layer of newspaper, a coffee filter or some natural burlap to keep the dirt from filtering though the rocks and out of the drainage holes.

Cozy bedding, good light

Use good quality, indoor potting soil. Find a spot with adequate light for the type of houseplant. Or, create the light needed with a portable grow light.

A drink, not a bath

Water with room temperature water after repotting. Make the soil damp to the touch, and water should begin to drain out of the bottom. If the water puddles on top, you have overwatered; pour off the excess-this is to be a drink for your thirsty guest, not a bath!


Apply the same rules you have for any company-”a happy guest is a well-fed guest.” Use a liquid or water souluable fertilizer to boost the nutrients in the container.

For this purpose, there is a new product available on our website that is designed for boosting your plant health- AO PlantGrow. It is an organic plant spray designed to help revive, improve and increase the life-cycle of your plants.

AO PlantGrow combines minerals and natural vegetable sugars to create a liquid soil amendment that can be used in combination with other products and around your kids and pets. While we don’t know why you would, AO PlantGrow is safe enough to drink, and produces amazing results (in plants, not humans.)

Use according to the directions-Spray once weekly on plants, three times weekly on ailing plants for revival.

Buy or learn more here- Agrarian organics plant grow

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